Alex Hentze & Etherfeel – Lower your Speed EP Out November 16th!

From an early age you can make something that was not in my dreams, which was to show my music to the world … without even a foundation or because of this, I kept finding meaning and give the value which means convey ideals reflected in the music, which only became subconscious reflexes without existential or linked to human well-conformism or more bonds, which are evolving in the end is when most find their symmetry with what emotions are and that we have the luxury feel such pleasures, from pure loneliness, the glorious joy of being with someone, and if being the most human pleasures that we may experience in this third plane. Each sound mix tells a story, an anecdote encapsulates from the most fearsome, the purest love. A double-edged sword is, the power to have saved so many emotions with just a “play”. But I do not deny it, do not regret or an emotion or difficult time that I lived in my being, because I made a lot of something that is not yet, but infinitely me for being late.

CR064: Alex Hentze & Etherfeel – Lower your Speed EP Out November 16th!

AlexHentze & Etherfeel-Ambient (original mix)
AlexHentze & Etherfeel-ChargingStones(OriginalMix)
AlexHentze-Etherfeel – Lower your Speed (Original Mix)