Andres Gatica


Andrés Gatica. After more than 7 years committed to the promotion of techno music as a dj, producer and event promoter, Andres Gatica is one of the main engines of the underground sound in the region.

The label is created as a channel to express a peculiar way of understanding electronic music in which strictly artistic motivations merge with the reactions caused by the day to day experiences in a country like Guatemala, where a wide variety of cultural influences meet a tumultuous social and political reality, re

sulting in a very particular way of understanding musical expression and how it relates with our lives, either from a visceral, intellectual, hedonistic or emotional point of view.
The label’s “leitmotiv” is fruits, a concept rooted in the tropical characteristics of the region and the importance of the fruit business in the historic, economic and social development of the region, being the origin of big social injustice, dark political maneuvers and permanent international interferences. Fruit as a symbol of the region’s huge potential, the struggle to control its resources, the effects of neo-colonialism and oligarchies and, all together, fruits as a symbol of the Central American Paradox.