A true pinnacle in electronic music in Central America. Expanding his message through his productions, his Djing, and his promoter company.


It all started in the early 2000 when he started going to underground parties in Guatemala in warehouses, outdoor places, or maybe some old parking lots. In that year the electronic music scene changed his life.
Starting of as a producer, and then as a Dj, Casta spent the first 3 years of his career introducing Trance to a country which was mainly based on House and Progressive beats.
Throughout the years he got to open for several events including a variety of festivals in the region like SUNJAM, and playing in clubs like Ultra in Honduras, and Vertigo in Costa Rica. He`s also opened for some of the best names in the industry like Paul van Dyk, Tiësto, Above & Beyond, Xpansul, John Selway and Marco V among others.
His productions have been signed by labels like Istmo Music, Itzamna Recordings, Baroque and Neuroscience.
In the last 3 years he`s not only been Djing and producing, but also managing his own concept: CUBE. The company is set to take electronic music to the level where it belongs and to expand the message all throughout the country and central america.
Although his style has changed a lot over the years, going each time to a more techier and deeper sound, the melody still remains as a trademark in his sets.
Wether it`s for a crowd of 40 people in a local lounge, or for 4000 at a theatre in a concert, you can always expect good vibe and good music from this excelent Dj.